FSA - School Supply List 5th Grade



  • 4 packs Ticonderoga 24 count #2 pencils
  • 1 any 1" binder with clear pocket sleeve on the front (no trapper keeper pockets)
  • 1 pack Avery or Office Depot Double Pocket Insertable Plastic Dividers (3 ring hole dividers with pockets)
  • 1 any 3 ring cloth zipper pencil pouch
  • 5 any Composition notebook, marble cover, wide rule, 100 sheets
  • 1 any Plastic cover 2 pocket folder with prongs (solid color only)
  • 2 packs any Filler paper, wide ruled, 10.5’ x8’, 120 pieces
  • 1 box Crayola 24 count colored pencils
  • 3 count any White or pink pearl erasers
  • 6 count any Glue sticks (No liquid glue)
  • 1 any Scissors
  • 1 any Box of tissues, pack of Clorox wipes (bleach free canister)
  • 1 pack any Colored paper or colored cardstock

Optional Items are available but NOT included in the package.  (You can purchase them separately)

    Ziploc bags (sandwich, gallon) Bandaids Clorox wipes Dry erase markers Hand sanitizer Colored paper Tissues Colored cardstock Paper towels White cardstock Black Sharpies Clear page protectors Avery address labels