Betashield Disinfectant

👍BETASHIELD is an industrial disinfectant used to prevent germs, bacteria, viruses and other pathogens from encroaching unto our surfaces, different types of equipment or tools.
👍BETASHIELD is a potent disinfectant whose main ingredients are a combination of quaternary ammonium and glutaraldehyde, known for their potency against different several bacteria and viruses.
👍BETASHIELD is an imported product from Thailand developed by Better Pharma and is proven to be far more effective than other preparations including ZONROX, which is the most commonly used by households for disinfection.
👍BETASHIELD can be sprayed on any type of surface. equipment, machines or tools to prevent and kill pathogens of any type. It is almost odorless and safe to use even in the presence of humans with a proper protective mask. Direct contact with the eyes, nose, and skin should be avoided especially with an undiluted solution.
👍BETASHIELD is cheaper by 10x to 15x than ZONROX per dilution rate.
👍BETASHIELD 1 liter pack is good for
150 to 250 liters of water while ZONROX 1 liter is good for only 33 liters of water.
👍BETASHIELD dilution rate is 1:150 up to 1:250, which means 1 liter of BETASHIELD is good for 100 to 250 liters of water that will treat about 1,500 square meters of surface.