The Convenience of School Supply List Made Convenient for Real

The Convenience of School Supply List Made Convenient for Real

School supplies are about to come and you know what that means.

They’re a huge expense for families, hard to find in the store, and they’re never perfectly accomplished.

It also means stores will be jam-packed with parents trying to complete their own listings.

Ever heard of scavengers hunt? That’s exactly how this looks like. But not like scavengers hunt, hunting for items on your school list isn’t fun at all. Just consider the time spent on the road and stores while you move from one to another just to complete that supply list.

Don’t you think it’s a problem that parents have to deal with school supply lists every time the school year begins? And in the world where convenience is king, the school supply list is a big inconvenience. It drives people up the wall.

But there’s absolutely no way a parent can do away with it.

It is just a list. What’s wrong with that?

It is a list with specifics all right. Shouldn’t that be helpful?

Because most if not all parents wouldn’t want to send their kids to school with the wrong supplies. It should be 1” binder, preferably white. It should be a 50 pages composition notebook, one pack size 2 pencil… specific is the word.

What might happen if you end up providing your kid with a blue file folder when the list says red file folder. It means there’s a big probability that file folder is mixed with those of other grade levels or sections just because it is red and not blue. Color coding, categorizing, the convenience if you know what I mean.

Don’t even get me started on the fact that buying the wrong item may not be helpful to your kid. Talk about accidents or chemical poisoning.

And as expected from young kids, they normally feel alienated when they get something different from that of the other kids. The kid has the wrong item would sometimes even have to deal with teasing and worst prejudices and by the time you managed to find “the right item”, the psychological damage had been done. Add to that the additional expenses.

But thanks for the quest for convenience, we can now take care of things even right at home on the internet. 

No more worries about having bought a different item, no more hunting games that aren’t fun, and no more unnecessary expenses and complains. Woohoo!

Creativity and convenience understand that those items on your lists are not just random school supplies, they’re what it takes to teach your kid their subject, and they’re what it takes to make sure your kid doesn’t get harm, choked or poisoned by unfriendly chemicals used on stationeries.

So the next time you're given or emailed some school supply list, smile and send it over to us. Let our creativity get it done and delivered at your convenience.

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