How We Organized to Help you in your School Supply List

How We Organized to Help you in your School Supply List

I founded Easy Supply List last year to make back-to-school supplies purchasing easier, via 3 easy steps:

  1. SEARCH: Go to and search for the school supply bundle you need.
  2. BUY: Click on the item to checkout.
  3. RECEIVE: Receive your package at school. NO Delays. NO needed follow-ups.

Every year when I have to buy my child’s school supplies, I found the process tedious and time-consuming requiring me to go from store to store, juggling with all the other parents while trying to find the right item on the list. It is necessary, but not an easy task.

As I watched the other frantic parents, I thought, there must be an easier way to do this. This was the catalyst behind establishing, a site I am dedicating to all parents out there who are sending their kids to school and needing to buy their grade-specific school supplies. To that end, our mission is:

When you buy from us, know that we are donating 5% of net proceeds to The Joshua Bembo Project, a family foundation that works very hard to spread awareness about inoperable brain tumors and raise funds for research. To know more about Joshua’s story and the very important work they do, visit and



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